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Terms & Conditions

Child & Extra Bed Policy

  • An extra bed will be provided to accommodate any child included in the booking for a charge mentioned below.
  • INR 300 will be charged for an extra mattress per child. (To be paid at the property)
  • An extra bed will be provided to accommodate any additional guest included in the booking for a charge mentioned below.
  • INR 500 will be charged for an extra mattress per guest. (To be paid at the property)


Safety and Hygiene

  • Quarantine protocols are being followed as per local government authorities
  • Guests from containment zones are not allowed
  • Shared resources in common areas are properly sanitized
  • Property staff is trained on hygiene guidelines
  • Guests with fever are not allowed
  • Guests without Aarogya Set app are allowed
  • Hand sanitizer is provided in guest accommodation and common areas


Guest Profile

  • Unmarried couples allowed
  • Bachelors allowed
  • Guests below 18 years of age are not allowed at the property.
  • Suitable for children


Room Safety and Hygiene

  • All rooms are disinfected using bleach or other disinfectant
  • Linens, towels, and laundry are washed as per local guidelines
  • Rooms are properly sanitized between stays
  • Hand sanitizers are available in the rooms.


Payment Related

  • Credit/debit cards are accepted
  • Master Card and Visa cards are accepted


Food Arrangement

  • Non veg food is allowed
  • Outside food is allowed
  • Food Delivery available from Local restaurant


Food and Drinks Hygiene

  • COVID-19 guidelines for Food Hygiene is followed as per government guidelines
  • Social distancing is followed in restaurants
  • Serveware and supplies are sanitized before they are brought to the kitchen
  • Masks and hairnets are mandatory for staff in restaurants


Smoking/Alcohol consumption Rules

  • Smoking within the premises is allowed
  • There are no restrictions on alcohol consumption.


Property Accessibility

  • Not suitable for Elderly/Disabled
  • Bed height is accessible
  • The entire unit is not accessible by wheelchair
  • The property has a wide entryway


Pet(s) Related

  • Pets are Not allowed
  • There are no pets living on the property


Physical Distancing

  • Social distancing protocols are followed
  • Contactless Check-In and Checkout service is available
  • Contactless Room service is available
  • Cashless Payment is available


ID Proof Related

  • Aadhar, Driving License, Govt. ID and Passport are accepted as ID proof(s)
  • Office ID, PAN Card and Non-Govt IDs are not accepted as ID proof(s)
  • Local ids are allowed


Other Rules

  • Allows private parties or events
  • Visitors are allowed


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